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Leasing Information

We make your apartment lease an easy process!

Step 1: Qualifications

It is the policy of Landmark Property Management to adhere to the Fair Housing Act, which prohibits discriminatory housing practices, based on color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status and national origin. Please note, the following are the current rental criteria. Our rental criteria may change over time. Consequently, the requirements below, in no way constitute a guarantee or representation by our company that all current residents are in compliance with our current rental standards nor do the following criteria necessarily guarantee application approval.

  • A rental application must be completed for each individual age eighteen (18) or older, including guarantors if required. A fee of $12.00 per applicant will be due prior to processing any application.
  • Applicant(s) gross monthly income must be verifiable and meet or exceed 3 times the monthly rent OR a guarantor/co-signor must be included in the application process.
  • Applicant(s) must have verifiable employment and/or income history. Self-employed persons must provide a copy of the prior year’s tax return. Unemployed applicants must provide documentation regarding sources of income e.g. – social security, pension, savings, interest, or provide a guarantor/co-signor that meets the guarantor/co-signors qualifying standards below. Copies of all the documentation will be kept strictly confidential and be retained in the lease file.
  • Applicant(s) must have favorable credit history. All outstanding obligations will be considered. Any applicant with an unfavorable credit history may be denied.
  • Guarantor(s)/co-signor(s) must meet all of the above qualifications and generate an acceptable gross monthly income. The guarantor must sign the rental agreement with our leasing professional or in front of a notary.
  • Any applicants who have been determined to have criminal conviction or current indictment for possession, sale, manufacture, or distribution of controlled substances, prostitution, sexual offense, theft, burglary, felony, fraud, or for any crimes involving firearms or crimes against person or property will be denied residency and occupancy. Guarantor(s)/co-signor(s) can not be a substitute for this requirement.

Management reserves the right to add or delete any or all of the above guidelines and qualifications.

Step 2: Making Application for an Apartment

  • Print and thoroughly complete Application for Residency, sign and date (This would also be required for a co-signor)
  • Print and complete the top APPLICANT portion of the Employment Verification Form. To verify non-employment income, please supply appropriate documentation.
  • Print and complete the top APPLICANT portion of the Rental Reference Form
  • All Application forms can be faxed or E-Mailed to the appropriate property manager – see Contact Us page